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The province of Puntarenas covers an area of about 11,260 square and has an average population of 410,920. This province is subdivided into eleven cantons. The Costa Rican province of Puntarenas is located in the western end of the country. This province covers most of Costa Rica's Pacific Ocean coast. This province is noted as the largest province of Costa Rica’s seven provinces. The capital city is also called Puntarenas

About Puntarenas

The Puntarenas tourist area and the Golfo Islands which is part of Puntarenas, comprises of about 264 miles of coastline and close to 1517 sq. miles of inland region. A portion of the area boundary is currently undefined due to the fact that the city of Puntarenas, as well as a part of the Nicoya Peninsula, lies within this area. The coastline of both tourism areas is linked by marine transport hub. This region spreads from Punta Conejo on the southern end to Puerto caldera where the mouth of the Bongo River is situated.

Puntarenas is often referred to as one of the most important tourism regions in Costa Rica. On its pristine coastline you will find that it is full of islands, bays, beaches, and very attractive natural treasures, all of which make it an exceptional tourist destination. There is a mass of attractions that can be found around the beaches, as well as the pristine protected areas, both land based, water based and around its islands. This area’s center is located in Puntarenas which acts as a place for lodging, port of call, and excursions. Within its tourism area you can find a variety of hotels and old-fashioned cabins close to the ocean as well as all-inclusive rooming facilities. This remarkable area is very close to the Central Valley, around two hours by car. Tambor, Santa Teresa, and Montezuma, all with very beautiful natural areas of the peninsula that has very important areas geared toward tourism like its beach areas. There is also the Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve, Tortuga and Coco Islands.

One area that is noted for both national and international significance is the Monteverde, located just to the northern end of Puntarenas, because of its conservation efforts and lifestyle centered on nature. Santa Elena is seen as a hub for commercial and tourism-based services and companies. Other notable communities are Gerardo and San Luis. Some of the attraction is the Monteverde Biological Reserve with its scenic trails, as well as butterfly and frog exhibits. However there are many other nature sites.

The port of Puntarenas was once one of the most important cargo ports, this port is where the town of Puntarenas is now located, however now it is still an important docking location for many cruise ships and also remains the country’s most central fishing port. If you are looking for a fresh sea food dish then come down to the open air cafes that line the beachfront, these cafes also sever outstanding fruit smoothies and ice cream. Souvenirs of all kind can be bought from street vendors selling their treasures all along the sidewalks. Visitors can catch the ferry over to the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula from the docks of Puntarenas, where they will find quaint communities, abundant in pristine white sand beaches, alongside breath taking nature reserves and abundant life bussing wildlife refuge.


The beach town of Jacó lies just to the South of Puntarenas which is always bustling with tourist. In this little town you will find great restaurants, bars, hotels, markets and many more and because of this Jacó is a very popular tourist destination also due to the fact that Surfers from around the world gather here to take advantage of the huge waves and great breaks that is unique to this town’s beach.


You can find an excellent assortment of activities such as sea kayaking, sports fishing and many other outdoor activities in Puntarenas and also its surrounding area offer many exciting things like taking a tour of Tortuga Island which is just simply amazing with its abundance of plant and wildlife among many other interesting things to see and do. The Waterfall Canopy is a breathtaking walk along the river and over bridges to a series of waterfalls is what you can expect on this tour or you can take a romantic escape on a deluxe yacht to the glamorous Pacific Islands. If you want you can take a half day off and just go on a snorkeling tour in tranquil waters with scenic surroundings. No matter what is your pleasure there is surely something in Puntarenas that will make you want to live here.


The following are the names of the 11 cantons of Puntarenas:

1.    Puntarenas

2.    Esparza

3.    Buenos Aires

4.    Montes de Oro

5.    Osa

6.    Aguirre

7.    Golfito

8.    Coto Brus

9.    Parrita

10. Corredores

11. Garabito


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