Beach in Puntarenas

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They are many Beaches or playas as the locals call it, which is located in the province of Puntarenas.


Beach in Puntarenas

Tivives beach – this playa or beach is located about 5 miles past Puerto Caldera. There are very strong waves here and that is why it is popular with most surfing enthusiasts. This long Beach is ideal for taking a stroll, horseback riding, and sunbathing.

Tambor beach - this Playa or beach is found in Ballena Bay. It is an attractive, long beach and is great for swimming, hiking and water sports. The area has thick coastal vegetation and many tourism services like cheap lodging areas, all-inclusive luxury hotels, golf, sport fishing, diving tours, water sports and mountain biking just to name a few.

Quizales beach - this is a stunning scenic beach and located to the far north is a cliff which offers an excellent view of the wonderful coastline.

PUNTARENAS BEACHES – are extended all along the coastline in Puntarenas, from the start of the Barranca River to the area La Punta, where the stretch ends. The stretch from the pier to La Punta is used by swimmers and the Tourist Walk runs parallel to it, they are a number of hotels, restaurants and bars in this area.

Cocal, Cocalito and Quizales beaches - are located in an attractive part of the coastal area, where white sandy Beach are mixed with rocky cliffs, all surrounded by almost luxurious tropical vegetation.

Caldera and Mata De Limon beaches - are spread out from the Mata de Limon Estuary to the hill called Roca Carballo. Tourists are found of this area and you can travel by boat in order to take in the flora and the fauna of the mangrove on the costa of the estuary.

Santa teresa beach - has very favorable waves for surfing and packed full of coastal vegetation. You can find beautiful rock formations the northern end known as Peñon de Ario.

Pogeres beach - is a small but beautiful inlet and is great for swimming and many fishing boats anchor here to taking in the surrounding maritime scenery.

Pochote beach - is a rocky little inlet with lavish vegetation and attractive views. It is great for hiking and sunbathing

MONTEZUMA BEACH - is located on a stunning piece of coastal area which is filled with a mixture of rocky areas and white sand Beach. Also there is an abundance of animal species like the howler monkeys and birds. At the center of Montezuma beach you can find a small but beautiful inlet.

Malpaís beach - has an irregular rocky shoreline but still they are areas of great natural beauty because of the coastal vegetation along the shore and also nearby forested areas. In the center of the beach is La Punta Barrigona, which is an excellent place for hiking and taking in views the surrounding ocean.

Gigante beach - is a small Playa or beach surrounded by mountains and hillsides which is covered by lush vegetation.

Doña ana beach - is close to the mouth of the Barranca River and is popular for surfing, because of Doña Ana size, scenic views and tourism facilities it is a great place to relax enjoy the ocean. This Playa or beach was awarded the Ecological Blue Flag, which made it more recognized for its cleanliness and safety.

Curú beach – is a small inlet with small waves which can be found in the Curú Natural Wildlife Refuge. Here you will be able to see howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, lizards and many other animals and the coastline is filled with vegetation such as mangrove and various types of trees. The Tortugas Islands are few miles out from this beach and helps to enhance the coastal landscape.

Carmen beach - is located right at the point where the access road to the coastal sector splits off north to Santa Teresa and south to Malpaís. As well as enjoying the sun on this beach there is also good shoreline for hiking and horseback riding, and taking in the landscape which has a variety of rich coastal vegetation.

Cabuya beach - is located 3.5 miles to the southern end of Montezuma and a mile north of the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve. This is a rocky Playa or beach has a wide open ocean view. With an abundance of coastline vegetation and strong waves you can catch good surf here.

Blanca beach - is located within the Santa Rosa National Park. This beach has open and calm waters which makes it is ideal for relaxing, swimming, and observing the interesting flora and birdlife found on this amazing beach.

Agujas beach - This is a beautiful and protected little inlet that is recommended for swimming, relaxing, and watching the pristine ocean.

Organos beach - is located some 2.3 miles from Paquera. It has beautiful scenery and from its shoreline you can catch a glimpse of the Negritos and Tortugas Islands.


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