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Jaco a little town filled with love.


A large amount of tourists every year visit the little district of Jacó, this is mainly because of Jacó beach which is about 2.5 miles or 4 km long. This beach known as one of the beach for some the best surfing in Costa Rica, also accompanying this amazing beach is the little city of Jacó which has all the luxuries of a major city and the people here are unconditionally friendly. The district of Jacó is easily accessible for tourists because it is only about an hour drive from San Juan International airport and has everything that you would imagine about Costa Rica. Jacó is often referred to as the best resort city on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and even in Central America. The city of Jacó is located in the Canton of Garabito in the Puntarenas province. Jacó is also conveniently placed a little less than two hours by car from the capital San José. The Manuel Antonio National Park is can be found in just one hour drive to the southern end of Jacó. The city of Jacó has a population of about 10,500 residents. The climate of Jacó is normally humid with relative humidity around 80%, reaching 90% in June and this is due to the fact that Jacó lies on the seashore. Temperature in Jacó ranges from 24-32 °Celsius during the day and 24-26 °Celsius at night but away from the water, during the dry season the temperature may consistently reach 35 °Celsius or even higher. The district of Jacó lies in a tropical climate zone generally defined by two distinct seasons which are the dry season and the wet season. From mid-August through to early December is considered to be the wet season and late December through to early April is considered as the dry season, the outstanding months have a few showers here and there. The district of Jacó lies between numerous mountains. The beach of Jaco is neighbored by the beaches of Herradura Bay to its Northern end and Hermosa Beach or Playa Hermosa to the Southern end. The Carara National Park can be found at about 15 miles north of Jacó, highly recognized for its enthusiastic wildlife and dense rain forest also Carara is home to the largest remaining population of wild Scarlet Macaw in the country.

Activities include surfing, swimming, ATV tours, bicycle rentals, horseback riding, crocodile safari, national parks and reserves, boating and kayaking, white-water rafting, canopy tours and popular nightlife.


Playa de Jacó  or Jacó beach is trampled by many tourists every year but if you are looking for a more quiet place to enjoy the beach then Herradura beach about  4.40 miles north of Jacó which provides a more tranquil environment. Also 6 miles south of Jacó is Playa Hermosa, a section of black sandy beach treasured by surfers and beach lovers. The International Quicksilver Championships are held every year in August at the Hermosa Beach. The Hermosa Beach and Wildlife Refuge is the beach where thousands of Olive Ridley sea turtles come ashore to nest every year. If you are looking for a hotel in an undisturbed location then the surrounding beach towns are recommended.

The Carara Biological Reserve is located just 9 miles north of Jacó. Visitors of the Carara Biological Reserve can take a ride through several miles of trail where you are sure to get a glimpse of much of Costa Rica's wildlife. During the early morning or around sunset is the best time to see the scarlet macaws that rest among the mangroves, also it is possible to see caiman, white-faced monkeys, peccaries, and a variety of birds species.  The Carara Biological Reserve is bordered by the Tarcoles River or RioTarcoles which flows into the Pacific Ocean, American crocodile can be seen close up in this amazing river and on the banks. You can make arrangement for a boat tour to see the crocodiles and many of them grow to be several meters in length and can weight over 300 pounds. At the mouth of the Tarcoles River, the survival of many species of wildlife is dependent on the Guacalillo mangrove and many species can be seen just by pass this shelter of mangroves. The Manuel Antonio National Park which is within driving distance of Jacó is another place where you will want to visit, also the Punta Leona Wildlife Refuge which is located along the drive north from Jacó towards the town of Tarcoles. Jacó is a hub for night life, wildlife, plants and the best experience you could ever want from Costa Rica, one visit and you will never want to leave trust me.



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