Nature Reserves

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Here are a few must see Nature Reserves in Puntarenas.

Nature Reserves

Guayabo, Negritos, and Los Pájaros Islands

These islands have limited access because they are separated by the waters of the Gulf of Nicoya and they also have special ecological conditions.

Guayabo is around 15 acres and is made up of only one solid sedimentary rock with has a maximum elevation of 165 ft. it is covered by trees, and Coyol palm trees. Many types of birds nest here such as seagulls, Bobbies, the glorious frigate bird, and a majestic population of brown pelicans in Costa Rica can be found on this island.

The Negritos Islands is made up of two separate volcanic rocks with high cliffs. The island is about 170 acre in area and home to semi-deciduous forests, this kind of forest is home to trees lose their foliage for a short time, when the old leaves falls of new leaves almost immediately start to grows back. This forest is home to the frigate bird, seagulls, parrots,doves, and brown pelicans.

Pájaros Island is only 9 acres and made up mainly of rock sediment. There is a tropical dry forest which is turning into a wet forest where pelicans and brown Bobbies nest. This Island is located not too far from the Pájaros coast.

Alcatraz Island Biological Reserve (Tortuga)

The island of Alcatraz also known as Tortuga is enclosed by the waters of the Gulf of Nicoya. You will not find any hotels or any other accommodations on this island so if you visit here it can only be for a few hours can observe it in its pure state. On this Island you can relax under the palm tree shade or sunbathe on the white sandy beach, or engage in any of the activities such as kayaking, diving in the crystal clear waters and take excursion in the canopy.

Cabo Blanco Absolute Nature Reserve

This Nature Reserve is located to the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula, about 6 miles from the Montezuma area. There are both land and water protected by this reserve. There are 140 species of trees such as the evergreens and wildlife like here are deer, white-faced monkeys and squirrels also there are many types of bird species like the pelicans, Bobbies and frigate birds

San Lucas Wildlife Refuge

The San Lucas Wildlife Refuge has an area of about 1,000 acres and is bordered by beaches and cliffs. Trips to this island by water transportation services are scheduled. San Lucas is an outstanding spot for relaxing, hiking, and learning about historic structures.

Curu National Wildlife Reserve

Curu is private plot of land which has been declared wildlife refuge and is made up of beaches, mangroves, beautiful tree-lined hills and flanked by rocky hills that form cliffs and inlets. A few animals found here are garrobos which is dark-skinned iguanas, deer, howler and white-faced monkeys, raccoons, lowland pacas, and there is also over a 100 species of birds that have been spotted here.

Cocos Island National Park

This park that was created in 1978 and because of its unmatched natural beauty and rich biodiversity Coco’s Island National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997

The seemingly blue water is particularly clear and along with the rock formations has made a great habitat for an abundance of marine species like the hammerhead and white-finned, dolphins, shark, manta rays and mollusks.

Due to the island climate an area of beautiful evergreen forests has developed and you can also find numerous waterfalls.

Carara National Park

This park originally was created to be a biological reserve in 1978, however, a few years later, its classification changed. The park is about 11, 530 acres and has a diverse geographical makeup. Some of the fauna found here includes peccary, ocelot, and red parrots. Some of the services here include an information center, a park ranger station, trails and restroom services.

Bajo Del Tigre Trail is located in Monteverde and measures around 63 acres with a few miles of trails which makes it easier to enjoy the flora and the fauna of the Bajo de Tigre. As part of the experience, you can also see armadillos, a variety of butterflies, frogs, and also many birds.

Ecological Estate

This is a wild life refuge that is 60 acres and has a series of trails through the forest with excellent natural lookout points, and waterfalls. You can also see mammals such as agouti, sloths, and about 150 bird species. This park is primarily dedicated to eco-tourism.

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

This Reserve is dedicated to protecting the cloud forest and more so educating the locals of Santa Elena.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This reserve has a wide variety of flora and fauna, much of which is exclusive in the world and is a must see tourist attraction for nature enthusiasts and major scientists to study.


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