Places to visit

Puntarenas real estate

Here are just a few wonderful places to visit in Puntarenas.

Places to visit

Paseo de los Turistas or tourist walk is located along the leading beach in Puntarenas and is one of the most highest visited and talk about places because of its variety of high-quality services for tourists. you will find close to the cruise ship pier there are many little places to purchase local arts and crafts locally known as kiosks, also there is some traditional fruit salad and frozen drinks stalls which are called churchills.

Marino del Pacífico Park was established in the year 2002 and is located next to the historic train station. It is opened to the public from about 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and some of its best attractions are the fish aquariums, where you can see a wide range of species of native fish.

Historic marine museum which is located in the historic Puntarenas barracks was restored in order to accommodate the culture museum and a public library. The archeological information provided by this Museum helps to understand the settlements of indigenous groups from the area as well as how they got and prepared their foods as well as how they took advantage of the surrounding natural resources.

The Pura Vida garden and waterfalls is an extremely stunning area which can be found in bijagual de turrubares. The waterfall one of the highest in Costa Rica, reaching about 650 feet there are also flamboyant gardens, rugged trails and swimming pools in this area.

Venado Island covers about 970 acres and stands out because of its green ocean water from the other islands in the Nicoya gulf. There is a wealth of marine birds that nest on this island and also in the mangroves around the jicaral bay.

Pan de Azúcar Island is a little island located to the southeastern end of the san lucas island. Its ocean scenery is unmatched and it is centered on its very own rock formation because of its shape. There is a large population of brown pelicans on this island.

Muertos Island or Gitana as it is sometimes called by the locals. The majority of its small 60 acres land mass is mostly covered by dry tropical forest and many marine birds live close to this area and enhance the lovely scenery.

Jesusita Island is located to the northeastern tip of the Cedros Island. Towards the northeastern end of the island there is a rocky coast and a beautiful beach also to the south there is another beach.

Chira Island is the biggest island with 25 square miles and also the most populated island in the nicoya gulf. This Island also offers the largest number and variety of services which includes an elementary schools and a high school. There is an eco-tourism area run by mostly women from the island which offers basic hotel accommodations, food, and tours and exploring the mangrove area.

Cedros Island covers less than 400 acres of land and has a stunning landscape due to its uneven shoreline. There are two main beaches on this island the Langosta and Gringo beaches.

Caballo Island is a long island which is less than 2 square miles in area. At the center of the island, which measure less than 650 ft. above sea level which is the highest recorded elevation of this island.

Bejuco Island is even smaller than the Caballo Island, but has its similar elongated shape and has a maximum elevation of only 400 feet above sea level.

The Town of Cobano has many tourism businesses that offer lodging and tours. It is usually the starting point for many exciting tourist attractions like Montezuma and Malpaís.

The Town of Santa Elena which is nestled in the Tilarán Hills is both rural because of its remoteness and tranquility but also developing with paving stone streets. It is has a very cool climate and pleasant views of the hilly topography and an elevation 4,373 feet above sea level.

San Luis Waterfall which can be found in the town of San Luis, this waterfall is an impressive site at close to 1,000 feet. To reach the top you must walk a little trail also you can observe the surroundings natural beauty.

Quaker Community is made up of an ethnic group known as the Quakers which came to Monteverde in the early 1950’s. They were devoted to farming and livestock and later saw the founding of a milk cooperative. They also built a school and led to a bilingual culture that now is drawing tourists to the area, mainly nature enthusiasts. Their main goal is to protect the high areas of the Tilarán Mountains, which is noted as one of the most visited protected regions in the country and also there is an abundance of attractive flora as well as wildlife.

Puntarenas city is only about 13 feet above sea level with many awesome beaches to enjoy the sun and the ocean. Historically, it has been a leisure spot for many tourists.



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