Things to do in Puntarenas

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There are many things to do in Puntarenas in respect to nature, adventure, and recreational and sporting and here are just a few highlighted for you.


Things to do in Puntarenas

  • Photography of the diversity of flora and fauna in the natural areas, pristine coastal landscapes and also cultural aspects make photography and video taking one of the most popular activities among tourists in Puntarenas.

  • Adventure Excursions like the Quepos-Manuel Antonio area is well developed for tourists and has an array of interesting places to visit like the mountains, Nature reserves and local communities, as well as all -terrain vehicle excursions as well as excursions to hanging bridges, boat trips to mangroves reserves, tours of the butterfly gardens, bird watching and dolphin tracking, and hand gliding.

  • Sport fishing is one of the largest tourist attractions in the Central Pacific area mainly recreationally and ever so often commercially, with a heavy concentration in the Quepos area.

  • Observing Historical and Architectural Sites in Puntarenas is very interesting. There are many exciting buildings and national monuments like the historic Capitanía General Del Puerto and the central church. There is also a small historic house that displays the city's historical information for the public’s viewing pleasure.

  • When it comes to Bird Watching there are public and private areas such as the Negritos, Pájaros, Carara, Curú, and other well-known spots.

  • Recreational Cycling has become very popular because of the area scenic trails, adventure sites, and a choice whether you want to ride on asphalt road or ride through a mountain trail. There are also trails that lead to beaches which are very popular.

  • If you like hiking then are a number of trails to observe a range of tourist attractions like nature parks, beaches, eco-tourist trails, historic buildings, monuments, or excursions through interesting local communities to learn about the cultural side.

  • Horseback riding is commonly done along the coastal areas, or mountainous areas also Horseback riding tours can be arranged through tourism businesses or by local landowners who would usually rent horses for this purpose.

  • Rural Tourism Activities and Services which offers a wide range of attractions and activities centered on the Orchids Eco-Tourism Shelter. To get there you will have to go through Miramar until you reach Palmital, and from there to Zapotal, the Orchids Eco-Tourism shelter is a mile beyond there. The popular activity in this area is hiking along the trails and From March to April you will find an abundance of quetzals for you viewing pleasure.

  • The Monteverde, Coffee Tour Take you on a tour of a coffee plantation and processing plant in the San Luis community to learn about the process of making red cherry pulp into energizing coffee and at the ending of the tour you will stop at the roasting facility to taste samples of the coffee.

  • The Monteverde Music Festival which takes advantage of the first few short months of the tourism season and dry season to have different musical groups and musicians from all over the country are invited to play in this music festival especially those who are exponents of music in harmony with nature.

  • Visiting Art Galleries have become a norm with most tourists and there are a number of art galleries to visit and also take courses on ceramics, sculpting, or even painting. You can also purchase products on sale at these Galleries.

  • Monteverde Cheese Factory usually have people flocked to observing the cheese making process and after making purchases of other products that derive from milk like ice cream and sweets.

  • CASEM Arts And Crafts are quite unique and popular as well, the Cooperativa de Artesanas de Santa Elena y Monteverde (CASEM) and in English reads the Committee for Santa Elena and Monteverde Artisans which makes available to many tourists different types of work pieces made from wood, clothing, and other materials.

  • Virgen del mar festival which is celebrated every year on the 16th of July, with colorfully decorated boats which are used to commemorate the event many years ago when a small group of fisherman, shipwrecked and nearly died but were rescued soon after calling on the virgin Mary. During this festival, persons can participate in many different kinds of water sporting competitions and also there are other recreational activities for children and adults. This Festival is also celebrated in Quepos.

  • The Puntarenas festivals which is celebrated with parades, concerts on the beach and many other fun activities helps to create the perfect environment for tourists to join in and share the culture of the people of Puntarenas. This festival is scheduled during February, when the weather is dry and perfect time for enjoying the beach, sand and all the events scheduled for the festival.


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